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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pertandingan Johnson Baby of the Year 2011

Do you like this story?

Calling all mommies semua..

Jom, submit photo baby anda dan join pertandingan Johnson Baby of the Year 2011 ni..

hanya perlu submit 2 photo, 1 close up & 1 full length berserta resit bukti pembelian barangan Johnson..
make sure before submit.. baca rules and regulation ok..

link pertandingan boleh di dapati di sini

apa lagi.. grab ur camera now.. and dont forget to submit your baby photo. tarikh tutup 31st august 2011.

ingin membeli vitamin Shaklee & mendapat khidmat konsultasi percuma ? hubungi saya di 014.888.4894 atau email di atau layari

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